The Third Secret: What We Talk About When We Talk About Weird

Hear This Week’s Secrets

As promised, this week we take out our microscopes to examine things as they are, and as they might be. Jubel examines Weirdness as a literary and cultural phenomenon, while Karl goes and gets himself lost in the woods… and the mountains, the high plateaus, the river-bottoms, the deserts and mysteries of upper air. No joke, Washington is the only state in the Union that contains all of earth’s major environments, including a Rain Forest, but we investigated that last month along with our locally iconic Tree Octopus.

Psychogeography: is this real or some strange and twisted dream? Personally, I think it’s too Weird.

One thought on “The Third Secret: What We Talk About When We Talk About Weird

  1. stolle

    Hi Guys !
    What a wonderful little podcast you got here! I’m a longtime old (52 yrs)-school Twin Peaks fan, and of course am hyped that the series gets picked up next year, so I revisited it, read the Mark Frost book, and listened to quite a bunch of TP-Podcasts, and I have to say that yours is among the best.
    Your take on doing tangents on Twin Peaks is very original.
    This episode clicked with me in a special way, because I could relate to the section about psychogeography, having lived all my live right in the foothills of the Black Forest in Germany. Over here, we got our share of weird lore, and I am stunned that I never thought about how similar the black forest seems to be to the pacific northwest.
    So I thought I’ll give you some feedback from Germany – keep on doing this, I’m looking forward to future episodes!

    luv, stolllllllllle (pronounced “shtolla”)


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