The Fifth Secret: Talking Theosophically…

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The Key to the Key of Theosophy, a Counter Esperanto joint.

Being a mostly Clear, although somewhat muddled Exposition, in the Form of questionable Question and improbable Answer, of the ETHICS, SCIENCE, AND PHILOSOPHY (such as they are) for the Study of which The Theosophical Society founded itself.

Also, trick riding and Owls that are not what they seem.

One thought on “The Fifth Secret: Talking Theosophically…

  1. Casey Allyn

    Just catching up on your back catalog of podcasts. I love your format and the content is top notch! Not just the Peaks stuff, weird fiction dovetails nicely…
    Somehow, I always missed the idea that Dugpas were Tibetan… Assuming they are, given it’s a tonal language, isn’t a Roman script, and easy to mess up when transliterating, it is probably two words, duk and pa. Duk means poison, usually the three poisons of anger, attachment, and ignorance of reality (which bind us to samsara). Pa is a nominalising particle (marking it in what would be the latin first case), so basically a poisoner, or one who poisons (poisoning in the sense of corrupting wouldn’t be too far of a stretch at all). Huh, who knew I’d be able to use Tibetan for Twin Peaks stuff! You all also mentioned tulku. That has a literal meaning of emanation body, but is used to denote a recognised reincarnated lama or teacher, so while a dugpa may be a tulku, not all tulkus would be dugpas (like the current Dalai Lama, a tulku, and probably not a dugpa…)
    Keep up the awesome work,


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